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Quake II RTS [6:01 AM EDT] Shadowgate development has posted beta build 2 of their QWar2 RTS mod for Quake II. The new release offers some new features, improved gameplay (only one-on-one now), and less crashes.

AMD Quake II Tweak [4:10 AM EDT] The 3DNow! NOW Page has a tip for improving performance on K6-2 processors by adding "cl_lights 0" to your autoexec.cfg to add a cool 10 FPS to your Quake II performance. Thanks indy from The Bind.

Notes on QuakeWorld 2.30 [10:48 AM EDT] 3 Fingers sends along some notes about a couple of nifty new features on the new QuakeWorld (story)

QuakeWorld 2.30 has a couple of cool new features:

1. By selecting "crosshair 2", you can variably adjust the color of the crosshair by select values between 0-255 with the command: "crosshaircolor". I played with the colors a while a decided I liked the bright yellow crosshair so I added this to my QW autoexec.cfg: crosshaircolor "195"

2. A new command called "gl_cshiftpercent" (default 100) has been added to adjust the degree of blend you see when you have gl_polyblend set to "1". When you set gl_polyblend to "1" you will see your screen change color when you get quad or any powerup, take damage, pickup items and jump into the water etc. You can adjust how much of a color change you see by selecting a value between 0 and 100 for gl_cshiftpercent. A value of 100 would be the normal gl_polyblend 1 setting you have always seen. A value of 0 for gl_cshiftpercent would be the same as setting gl_polyblend to "0" (no color change). If you set gl_cshiftpercent to about "10", then you would just see a slight amount of color change to your screen when you get quad or any powerup, take damage, pickup items and jump into the water etc. If you have gl_polyblend set to "0" then this will turn off the color blend and gl_cshiftpercent will not have any effect regardless of the gl_cshiftpercent value you select.

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