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Tournament: Aurora, Colorado: Aurora mall
about 18 participants
won: about 8
lost: about 3

Hi, this is my deck, and it is as you can see, energy removal.  It's 
weaknesses are cheap creatures like machop, and energy dumping creatures like 
blastoises, otherwise, it does great.

18 Pokemon
4 dratini
4 dragonair
2 magikarp
1 gyardos
3 poliwag
2 poliwhirl
2 poliwrath

17 trainers
4 Energy removal
4 Super energy removal
4 item finder (Gets back energy removals)
2 computer search (Search for energy removal or pokemon you want)
3 pokeball (Search for needed pokemon)

25 energy
4 double colorless energy
21 water energy

I'd love to hear comments about this deck
Peter Chang

     Hi, my name is Chang. I went to a fairly large tournament in 
Norristown, Pennsylvania at Heroes Universe (A fairily large cards and comic 
store with a huge game room in the back of the store. The  tournament was 
held on July 17, 1999. There were exactly 63 people in the first tournament. 
A person would have win four battles to reach the final round and if you 
lost once you were out.

My deck is all fire deck with the exception of the colorless pidgey and its 
family. I call my FLASHFIRE deck because it has two objectives. 1 - start 
out by quickly knocking down my opponents with my eevees (and flareon) and 
pidgey (and all its evolutions) mean while building up my charizard for the 
final blows. 2 - and at the same time pissing my aponent off with those 
annoying little first attacks that eventually change the out come of the 
entire game. Well, anyways here's my deck:

     2 - Pidgeot
     2 - Pidgeotto
     3 - Pidgey
     3 - Flareon
     4 - Eevee
     2 - Charizard
     2 - Charmeleon
     3 - Charmander
     1 - Super Potion
     4 - Pokemon Trader
     4 - PlusPower
     4 - Energy Retrieval
     4 - Bill
     4 - Double Colorless Energy
     18 - Fire Energy

     If you have any comments or any way I can improve this deck please take 
the time to e - mail me at (

Springfield, IL at Gottem city about 14

25 Psychic Energy
2 Mewtwo
4 Abra
4 Kadabra
4 Gastly
4 Haunter
4 Jynx
3 Computer Search
2 Pokemon Trader
4 Super Potion
4 Potion

I was in 2 of 14 but had to leave early. it would have one because the next 
fight and last was between me and a deck mixed with everything including 
energy and pokemon. plus they had no stage 1 or 2 pokemon.

First the deck, then the tournament report, O.k.?

25x energy

10x Electric energy
11x Grass energy
4x Double colorless energy

12x Pokémon

4x Scyther
4x Electabuzz
2x Farfetch'd
2x Cacaskhan, or is it Kangaskhan, I always mix it up.

23x Trainers

4x Energy Removal
4x Plus Power
4x Gust of wind
3x Prof. Oak
3x Bill
3x Super Energy Removal
2x Scoop up



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